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An au pair is a domestic assistant from a foreign country working for, and living as part of, a host family. Typically, au pairs take on a share of the family’s responsibility for childcare as well as in some instances some light housework, and receive a monetary allowance for personal use as well as board and lodgings. Au pair arrangements are subject to government restrictions, which specify an age range usually from mid-late teens to mid to late twenties; some countries explicitly limit the arrangement to females.

When people consider what their options are for living abroad, how to get there and navigate the paperwork and finance the whole thing, one option often slips their mind completely: au pairing. And the immediate question you always get as an au pair, is “doesn’t that just mean a child minder or nanny?” And in some ways, yes. You take care of kids. But you’re also a student. You’re also part of the family. And it’s one of the greatest ways to live abroad and experience another country and culture.


An online profile is one of the most important steps for any au pair searching for a family or vice versa. Each party uses the profile to get to know the other before scheduling an interview. It is therefore crucial that au pairs and host families have a professional profile that is up to date at all times with working contact details. All need to be aware that having private information publicly available could be dangerous. It is therefore important to have a private working email.

Here are a few important tips on building a successful online profile:

• BE truthful and honest at all times, this is so important.

• Make sure that your information is up to date.

• Upload images! Profiles with images get way more views.

• Be descriptive but concise answers where possible.

• For a host family, use the Bio section or further information section to further explain your requirements, provide information about the accommodation, local area and possible local language classes that they could attend.

• For a host family, use the Bio section or further information section to further explain what you’d like to gain out of the experience, use it to provide further information about experience that you may have or an example of where you’ve demonstrated responsibility.

Throughout our site you can find a large amount of useful tips and hints on becoming an au pair, wwoofer or host family wwoofer.

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