Who I am

My name is Laura,i’m 19 yo, I’m italian and I live in Brescia, a city in the north of Italy near Milan. My mother is a travel agent and my father is an interior designer. Although I’m an only child I always had many friends to play with and to socialize with since my childhood and still now. I’m a sunny, responsable, generous, positive, dynamic, adaptive and creative girl. I graduated in high school last july and I will attend an interior designer university in Milan next year. I like sports, as a matter of fact, in my life I practiced many sports: swimming, tennis, artistic gym and athletics. I travelled a lot with my parents and also did some volunteering experience with international groups abroad.

I worked as a babysitter for 3 years during my study and I had experience looking after my 4 yo cousin boy. I’m actually an homework tutor of a 10 yo girl and of a 7 yo boy who has some problems with dysgraphia. During my childhood I partecipated to many summer camps; later on, as a teenage, I was a leader. I practised artistic gym for 8 years and occasionaly I assisted my trainer with the younger gymnasts… so I can say I have great experience with children.

I would like to be an Au Pair because I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to improve my english being part of a family abroad. I like staying with kids because they are vital and positive to life; and spending time with them will help me with my language learning.

After my Au pair experience I’ll attend an admission test for the university and if I have the chance I would like to make a volunteering experience in an children’s home in Kenya as one of my teachers at school is involved there.

I have an international driving licence if needed.