Travelling Europe

5 Things to See and Do in Europe

There is a lot to do in Europe and trying to list everything on a continent would be too difficult to do. Below are some of my favorite activities for travelling Europe. Clicking on the city and country links in this article will help you branch off and get more details.

Travelling Europe

Visit Amsterdam – There’s more to the city than just coffee shops and red lights. I love this city so much while travelling Europe, I  Cobblestone and brick streets weave around lovely canals. Amsterdam has a vibrant art and music scene and friendly locals willing to help you out. Make sure you get out of the center into the Jordaan and Oost with their wonderful outdoor cafes. The Anne Franc house has queues to gain entry but well worth the wait.

Explore Cornwall – The best part of England is outside London, and unfortunately not a lot of people leave London. Head west to the area of Cornwall for cheaper prices, friendlier locals, more natural beauty, great hiking, rolling hills, small towns, and overall what you think of “traditional England.”

Experience London – Get a taste of English culture in diverse London. The museums here are some of the best in the world (and free), plus the city offers great food, and the pub culture is wonderful. Head to Brick Lane for some amazing Sunday food markets.There is something sophisticated and fun about London. Just watch those pints – London is not a cheap destination but easy to get around. Also look to destinations on the suburbs which are full of culture.

Go to Koln – Hip and trendy Koln / Cologne is an energetic destination. It is one of Europe’s most affordable capital cities with a vibrant music and art scene and a growing foodie movement. Be sure to check out the cathedral – it’s one of the best in the world. The wine region is not too far away where you can spend hours on the cycle paths stopping along the way at each small town. Public transport is efficient and great value.

Relax in Barcelona – Barcelona is a city that goes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and could give NYC a run for the “city that never sleeps” title. Be prepared for late-night dinners and parties til dawn. Barcelona knows how to get down. Besides a great food and nightlife scene, there is a wonderful beach, Gaudi architecture, and history dating back to Roman times. Into sport, the Barcelona stadium is also an experience and a match has an atmosphere like no other.

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