Au Pair Horizon Update October 2017

Horizon – Au Pair Update October 2017

We plan on giving regular updates and communication to future features and site updates that we have planned.

Our aim is to keep improving the site and user experience by consistently monitoring members movements and workflow. We regularly contact members for feedback and even though some members suggestions conflict with other suggestion we hope to get the best site that we can. (Feel free to email any suggestions to where one of our team will be happy to read through it)

Here’s some of the enhancements that we are currently working on:

  • New server upgrade: – We currently have this shortlisted to two possibilities where we are moving to a much faster and enhanced server with greater facilities. This will also enhance our private messaging functionality. Our site will be in maintenance mode while this upgrade takes place.
  • Elderly Care: – We will be adding member type Elderly care to the site. We’ve had numerous enquires about this facility and are pleased to announce that we will be releasing this shortly.
  • Uploading Videos & Images (MEDIA) – The ability to add more photos and an introduction video. We currently have this functionality ready but will be waiting until we’re loaded up on our new server. Initially we may also put a limit on size of media to reduce the unnecessary loaded of spam.
  • Increased Marketing: – Quality profiles are very important to us so its really important for us to spend our marketing budgets correctly. We’re looking for quality profiles not quantity. A lot of expenditure so far has been testing the water and we now feel that we are ready to increase this.
  • Increased Content: We are consistently monitoring various forums to gather regularly requested information to be able to bring you relevant content to help you with the process. We are putting together a list at present and will start posting this content on our blog.
  • Youtube Channel: – To increase our communication and ease of use for the site we have just launched our YouTube channel. We uploaded our first video earlier which you can view through the following link (We’ve also included the video below.)

If you’re looking for an Au Pair looking for a Host family or vice versa, we’d love you to sign up to our site. You can sign up by clicking here.